West Virginia sees its vaccination rate increase; The role of the “Do it for Babydog” competition in all of this

NORTH CENTRAL, W.Va (WDTV) – During Gov. Jim Justice’s covid briefing on Friday morning, he announced that the vaccination rate had recently increased.

“Vaccinations are on the rise, we have distributed 3,000 of these doses since last Wednesday,” he said. “It is really good.”

The governor said a trend observed across the country. The vaccination rate has increased, but the question is why?

5 News asked the governor during his briefing, and he said he believed this was due to multiple incentives across the state, including the vaccination competition known as “Do It for Babydog” .

“All of a sudden, they (the residents of the state) come on and get vaccinated; it’s great, ”said the governor of justice.

Among the lottery winners in the North Central region, most of them told 5 News that they had been vaccinated before the raffle was set up. t clear.

Which leads to the delta variant as the next possible response to increased vaccinations. An increase in cases across the state is observed, and many are identified as variant cases. COVID-19 Czar Dr Clay Marsh said it could also lead to increased vaccinations

“Anyone who is not vaccinated right now is really at a very high risk of having a potentially serious outcome to be infected,” he said.

The governor also said it will be clearer once the lottery is over to see what role it has played in increasing immunizations across the state.

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