The winners come out of the draw for PSC Solar (UK)

By Ebele Orakpo

There is no doubt that energy / electricity is very important in everyday life and in all sectors of the economy. From health to communication, including industry, education, agriculture, all need energy to function properly.
Sadly, Nigeria’s electricity sector has not been able to provide this very important utility and so it is no wonder that the Nigerian economy has been in a state of creep. Many believe that if the country can fix the electricity problem, everything else will fall into place.
And so, in the spirit of giving back to society and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, PSC Solar (UK) and PSC Solar (EU) with offices in Nigeria, UK, Europe and the United States on Saturday, May 29, 2021 at Ikeja, Lagos office, brought smiles to two lucky people with their free raffle on the hybrid inverter system.
Two inverters, one from PSC Solar (UK) and the other from PSC Solar (EU) were up for grabs by two lucky winners who emerged with a lucky dip.
The first was Mr. Adeyemi Abiodun Muyiwa who won the full hybrid inverter system from PSC Solar (UK) and the second winner was Mr. Titus who won the 1.5 KVA inverter from PSC Solar (EU) . Both inverters will be installed free of charge at the winners’ homes by company engineers at a later date.

According to the organizers, PSC Solar (UK), a trusted solar energy company, was established in December 1989 and is a multinational manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels and a total solar electricity sales / service integrator. The company “is engaged in the sale, maintenance and installation of emerging advanced technology solar hybrid inverters of European design, photovoltaic solar panels, deep cycle batteries, lithium (LiFePo4), NANO cells in carbon and hydrogen, solar street lights with or without video surveillance / audio, EV chargers, charge controllers and all the accessories necessary for the installation of solar and inverter electrical systems.
“PSC Solar UK is also installing complete solar power systems ranging from small residential solar systems and 1.5 KVA inverters to large 5 MVA commercial and industrial power plants across Africa. “

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