Support the Kidney Foundation with the Cash 4 the Holidays Raffle Draw

The Kidney Foundation is hosting an exciting event this summer called Cash 4 the Holidays 50/50. As one of Saskatchewan’s largest 50/50 raffle offerings, the chance to win up to half a million dollars is on the line for the week-long event. Tickets will go on sale Friday, June 10 and the draw will take place Friday, June 17 at noon.

“We want to provide Saskatchewan people with another fun way to support the cause, our kidney and transplant community right here in Saskatchewan,” said Joyce Van Deurzen, Executive Director of The Kidney Foundation, Saskatchewan Branch. .

Some information you may not know:

• 1 in 10 Canadians has kidney disease.
• There is no cure for kidney disease, dialysis and transplants are a form of survival.
• 78% of Canadians waiting for an organ transplant are waiting for a kidney.
• Kidney disease is not only physically and emotionally devastating; it also comes with a huge financial burden. Before the pandemic, requests for help already exceeded available funds.

The Kidney Foundation is an organization that offers support services to people with kidney failure. They help these people with short-term financial assistance in times of need, peer support to help patients and their families cope, and valuable information including webinars, manuals, brochures and web tools. dietary. The Kidney Foundation is one of the main sources of funding for kidney disease and transplant research. Your support of The Kidney Foundation makes an impact where it matters most.

Ticket options are: 1 for $5; 60 for $20; 200 for $50; or 500 for $100.

If you would like to purchase a ticket or find out more about the draw, visit:

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