Should they sneak into the Dejounte Murray contest?

In a rather surprising turn of events, All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray would be aggressively pursued by multiple teams in the trade market. The Indiana Pacers are rumored not to be one of those clubs, but should they crush the bidding war for him?

Murray has developed tremendously since being drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in 2016, becoming the field leader for the Silver and Black, which culminated in him earning his first All-Star nod. and the Spurs manage to enter the play-in tournament. .

However, Spurs have answered calls and are apparently ready to start from absolute zero this time around. Although there is already strong competition, the Pacers should have what it takes to seal a deal for him. The question is, will they be ready to do it?

Should the Indiana Pacers join the bidding war for Dejounte Murray?

In reality, the Spurs have no reason to trade Dejounte Murray, which is why San Antonio is charging a high price to acquire his services. LJ Ellis of Spurs Talk said their asking price is “four first-round draft picks with little to no protections or three poorly protected first-round picks and two unprotected first-round trades”. He further clarified that “an Eastern Conference club offered three first-round players and one desirable young player” for Murray.

If the Indiana Pacers want to crush the Murray contest, they’ll have to match or exceed that price. However, this is where I think they should draw the line.

Similarly, the Pacers have no practical need for Murray. Its triple-double, two-way night output is of course very attractive, but Indiana already has the basics to rebuild. The overlaps exist, and Tyrese Haliburton can already provide the scoring and play that the Spurs keeper excels at. Bennedict Mathurin also has the potential to be almost as good defensively as Murray.

First-round picks are generally less valuable than still-developing All-Stars like Murray, but Indiana still projects itself as a lottery team in the near future, which makes their draft picks attractive. Hanging three to four of them in a trade isn’t just a bit like Pacer, but it’s a massive overrun that could eat away at them in the future. Oh, and besides, Spurs can’t pass up the chance to steal Chris Duarte or another young prospect in return.

The Pacers would arguably be much better off pursuing a big man who can catalyze their defense and amp up their offense. If they want to speed up their reconstruction, they certainly have options in that regard.

Honestly, the idea of ​​Tyrese Haliburton being joined by Dejounte Murray is an electrifying thought. However, with the way the Indiana Pacers operate in the present, making a deal for Spurs custody may be too expensive to pursue, even given their real lack of need for his services.

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