Shaler wins $ 1 million with Publishers Clearing House raffle

Whenever Shaler’s Lou Isabella has entered the Publishers Clearing House contest over the past three years, he has said a silent prayer in hopes of winning.

Isabella believes her appeals to the Almighty were answered on June 30 when a three-member Price Patrol team knocked on her door to hand her a check for $ 1 million.

Dave Sayer, who has presented more than 500 prizes to contest entrants over the past 30 years, joked that Isabella “broke the record” for the time it takes to answer the door.

After repeatedly knocking, ringing the doorbell, spotting him through an open window and calling his phone, nearly 30 minutes passed before he answered. And that was only after a team member walked over to a back door window to get his attention.

When he finally opened the door, he had a simple explanation for the delay: “Sorry, I worked late last night and was asleep.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Isabella, this is not a dream. It’s real, ”Patrol member Bianca Quinnonez said.

Isabella, 64, single and computer programmer, was clearly stunned when the team presented her with a giant check, a bottle of champagne, balloons and a bouquet of roses.

“I really wasn’t expecting this, it’s awesome,” said Isabella. “Please don’t tell anyone. “

Isabella said he’s not quite sure what to do with the money, but he already has some ideas.

“Maybe a down payment on a yacht,” he said.

In response to a question as to whether there were any places he would like to travel, he said, “The world.

Isabella will have the option of receiving a lump sum payment or arranging annual payments. He received a $ 25,000 advance on his prize on June 30 “just to let you know it’s really happening,” Sayer said.

“You can drop it off today and start spending the money,” he told Isabella.

Isabella said the million dollars was only the second prize he won.

“I believe I won $ 10 once,” he said.

Awards Patrol member Howie Guja said the team learned to be patient during the awards show.

“We really like to see the reaction when people find out they’ve won,” he said. “If they’re not home, we wait. If they’re at work or somewhere we know we can find them, we’ll go there. If that doesn’t work, we’ll keep trying to reach them until we do.

When asked if he had any advice for people dreaming of winning an award like hers, Isabella didn’t hesitate.

“Pray. And play,” he said.

Tony LaRussa is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Tony at 724-772-6368, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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