Scammers impersonate the lottery jackpot winner

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – As the country waits for the winner of October’s $ 1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot to claim the half-billion dollar prize, scammers are also waiting.

Once the identity of the jackpot winner is public, prepare for another round of lottery scams. A scam has been going around since the last big jackpot winner in April. Richard Wahl, a New Jersey foodservice manager, hit the $ 533 million jackpot and the crooks took advantage of it.

Emails keep coming in daily about people reporting this scam, and you can still find plenty of Richard Wahl’s Facebook pages claiming to give subscribers thousands of dollars.

One article even mentions a gift of $ 10,000 to the homeless or to the veterans. The Post also asks for bank account or credit card information. It is an immediate red flag.

Even more fake Twitter accounts have been created, with the same freebies. Some of these accounts weren’t even created until July 2018. These accounts include photos with heaps of cash and people claiming to have been paid by Wahl.

The website even featured an email claiming to be from Richard Wahl. He also promises to share the jackpot for the lucky few.

Each scam follows a similar pattern. They all offer the possibility of earning thousands of dollars. All you need to do is pay the taxes or the processing fees. The scammer is trying to get your information, steal your identity, gain access to your bank account, or just swindle you a few hundred or a thousand dollars.

Someone who wins a jackpot worth over $ 500 million is not going to give you thousands of dollars and ask you to pay processing fees or taxes.

If you believe you have been the victim of this scam or others, you can email Kyle Jordan at [email protected]

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