Request for investigation into the national lottery draw when the jackpot has not been claimed for six months as TD asks “what’s going on?” “

A TD GOVERNMENT has called for an investigation into the national lottery draw as the jackpot has not been claimed in the past six months.

Bernard Durkan of Fine Gael made the roll call with the twice-weekly draw which has gone on 46 times since his last win on June 6 of this year.


The € 19 million jackpot will be released for the 15th time on Saturday
The National Lottery offices in Abbey Street


The National Lottery offices in Abbey StreetCredit: Alamy

He said the odds of winning have become so low that bettors have to believe that “Shergar would have a better chance of winning the Squid Game”.

The Lotto jackpot is capped at € 19 million, where it has been since September, with no more money to add until that sum is claimed.


“It’s been almost six months since it was won. It didn’t happen in the Ronan Collins era,” said Durkan, referring to the DJ and former host of the national lottery draw.

“The jackpot has been stuck at 19 million euros since September. What’s going on? We need a full investigation and audit of the draw.”

Durkan also called for a reduction in the number of balls used in the draw, which has dropped from 36 to 47 since the lottery started 35 years ago.

He said: “I have never agreed with Premier Lotteries Ireland’s decision to increase the number of balls to 47.”

“I’m old enough to remember 1986 when there were 36 balloons and that’s how it should have stayed.

“I call on Premier Lotteries Ireland Managing Director Andrew Algeo to drop a few balls in good faith and make the draw more winnable.

“In 1988, there were 36 balloons, 39 in 1992, 42 in 1994, 45 in 2006 before hitting a big 47 in 2015.”

Channeling former US President Ronald Reagan, Mr. Durkan added: “Mr. Algeo, shoot these bullets.”

The Kildare North TD has also requested the return of a watchdog to oversee the draw.

He said: “In the interest of public confidence, I also want a full audit of why there has not been a winner and a return from KPMG Independent Observer Stokes Kennedy Crowley, who is stood next to the machine, keeping an eye on things.

“I’m not saying something strange happened, but it’s the longest race in the history of the game, so we need a little bit of insurance.”


Durkan, who sits on the Oireachtas’ public expenditure committee, said he would write to Minister Michael McGrath, “to express my concern here and get his perspective on the matter.

“Under the terms of the national lottery license, nearly 30 cents of every euro spent on national lottery games is donated to the Exchequer to be used by charitable projects,” he said. -he adds.

“Right now, before tomorrow night’s lotto draw, the prospect of winning is so distant that bettors think Shergar would have a better chance of winning the Squid Game.”

A Lotto spokesperson said: “As of September 2015, 80% of the Lotto jackpots have been won in 7 weeks and the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot have not changed during this period.

“Currently, no one has matched the jackpot numbers in 23 weeks, but Lotto is a game of chance with strict rules of the game.


The odds of winning the Irish Lotto have been over one in 10 million since the number of balls rose to 47 in 2015.

The following things are apparently more likely.

  1. Being crushed by a meteorite
    You are more likely to be killed by a meteorite than to be hit by just one. The current chance of being crushed by a giant rock from outer space is one in 700,000.
  2. Loss of an appendix in a chainsaw accident
    Surprisingly likely – you have about a 1 in 4,464 chance of this happening to you.
  3. Death from hot tap water
    This scorching death happens to one in five million people.
  4. Win an Olympic gold medal
    You have about a 1 in 662,000 chance of winning Olympic gold in your lifetime – and, of course, you need to get into the games first.
  5. Win an Oscar
    You have about a 1 in 11,500 chance of winning an Oscar in your lifetime. Compared to winning the Lotto, it looks like a piece of cake.


“The current jackpot of 19 million euros and the 23 week postponement are unprecedented and have generated tremendous excitement across the country.

“Since the jackpot hit the € 19 million cap, 179 players from across the country who have won the Match 5 or Match 5 + Bonus prize have shared an estimated € 12.69 million in additional prizes due to the decrease in the jackpot price.

“All of this excitement generates significant returns for good causes, which is the goal of the National Lottery. The current jackpot carryover streak alone has now raised over € 50 million for beneficiaries of good causes.

“The Irish love to play Loto, and the current Loto draw is generating tremendous interest, prizes and returns for good causes.

“Everyone at the National Lottery is looking forward to handing out the biggest Lotto jackpot check to a lucky winner soon. “

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