Record UK lottery jackpot for couple of £185million

A married couple from the west of England were revealed as Britain’s biggest lottery winners on Thursday after scooping a nearly £185 million ($230 million, 12 billion peso) jackpot at the EuroMillions draw.

Gloucester’s Joe and Jess Thwaite called the unprecedented win “huge for us” as they claimed a record sum of £184,262,899 with a randomly selected numbers ticket earlier this month.

“It was amazing but also surreal,” Joe, 49, who works at a communications company, told a news conference with his wife as they recounted the momentous moment they found out about their relationship online. May 10 victory.

“I looked at the amount. I hung up the phone and picked up the phone and looked at the amount again!”

The early riser somehow contained his excitement enough to let his wife continue sleeping until her alarm clock went off – then relayed the news.

“He was like, ‘I have a secret to tell you,'” recalls Jess, 44. “I was like ‘don’t be stupid!’ Wrong”.

The couple, like many other Britons, have battled the country’s growing cost of living crisis and plan to share their newly amassed fortune with friends and family.

“It’s an incredible thing that happened to us, and that means it’s an incredible thing that happened to our family and we want to share that with them,” said Jess, who runs a hair salon with her mother. and her sister.

“While it’s wonderful and exciting, it’s also a huge relief for anyone struggling with all their bills.

“We’re like all normal families… So that’s a huge relief.”

– ‘Family holidays’ –

Joe said the blockbuster win meant they enjoyed simple pleasures like hot water without worrying about costs, amid soaring energy prices hitting Britain.

“I put the immersion heater on the other day and turned the hot water on and just thought that was fine, whereas in the past that’s the kind of stuff you just didn’t do at all just not,” he added.

Beyond that, the immediate Thwaite family – which includes two primary school-aged children and a host of pets, including horses, ponies, dogs and even geckos – are planning rare family vacations and probably buying a new car.

“We never go on vacation,” Jess said. “So our kids were dying to get out in the sun and do that kind of stuff,” she added, noting that one preferred Hawaii while the other wanted to go to a horse ranch in the Texas.

Thwaite’s jackpot sets a new record in Britain and is the second largest in the history of EuroMillions, which is played in the territories of nine European countries.

Last October, an unprecedented €220 million jackpot was won by an undisclosed woman – who had never played the game before – on the Pacific island of Tahiti, which is part of French Polynesia.

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