Oz Lotto $ 5 Million Jackpot Results | Draw 1379

It’s been a huge month for massive lottery prizes, and tonight there will be another chance to become an instant multimillionaire.

The results are for the Oz Lotto 1379 draw – and someone could be $ 5 million richer.

The lucky numbers are: 29, 38, 18, 32, 13, 16, 39, with the additional numbers 37 and 15.

Earlier this month, Australians were enthralled with two huge lottery jackpots in the same week – and tonight another $ 5 million is up for grabs.

On July 7, a North Sydney woman won a record-breaking $ 50 million Oz Lotto prize – the largest in a decade.

But the ticket was not registered and the woman, who bought her ticket on a trip to the south coast of New South Wales, did not check her numbers for several days.

When she finally realized her good fortune and claimed her prize, she revealed that it was the first lottery ticket she had ever purchased, describing the win as “beginner’s luck” .

She stunned lottery watchers by promising to keep working despite her newly inflated bank balance.

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Just two days after the draw for those life-changing Oz Lotto numbers, an incredible Powerball prize of $ 80 million was claimed by a lucky Victorian couple.

Now, bettors will have the chance to win a $ 5 million Oz Lotto prize tonight.

The Oz Lotto draw ends at 7:30 p.m. (AEST) every Tuesday evening, with numbers drawn shortly thereafter.

There is a guaranteed minimum Division 1 prize pool of $ 2 million each week.


Lott spokeswoman Lauren Cooney previously told news.com.au that she has personally called winners who have scored a phenomenal total of over $ 550 million during her work for the official supplier of Australian lottery.

She said it could take up to an hour after the lottery numbers were drawn for officials to confirm a registered winner, and for Division 1 winners of the Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto and Set For Life games on Monday. , Wednesday or Saturday and the first prize winners of Lucky Lotteries were called by representatives who announced the good news.

The big jackpot winners will be called on the night of the draw, while the others will be called the next morning.

“We love to see these jackpots being shared – for example, with the $ 150 million jackpot last September, it was amazing to see three people win this,” Ms. Cooney said.

“Our ideal situation is when we contact them immediately and break the news to them every now and then, so they can fall asleep knowing they’ve won. This is what we love.

While you might expect people to swear, scream or pass out, Ms Cooney said the most common reaction was “stunned silence” and disbelief.

“It will often take them a long time to convince them to believe that they have won a division one award – I might have to tell someone 10 times before they fully understand,” he said. she declared.

Sometimes the winner still doesn’t believe in his luck and many think he is the victim of a prank or scam.

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