New teams emerge in Kevin Durant’s draw –

The Kevin Durant saga seems far from over. For the past few weeks, the Boston Celtics have seemed like the most likely to land the superstar small forward. However, new reports suggest that a few championship contenders have contacted the Nets for the two-time NBA Finals MVP. Who are these three teams you ask? It would be none other than the Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets. However, what are the odds that Durant will actually be traded to one of these teams? Let’s dive into the details of these new reports without further ado.

Kevin Durant at the Memphis Grizzlies?

According to Shams Charania, the Memphis Grizzlies have made “new investigations” into the former MVP. What’s intriguing is how many draft picks the Grizzlies could offer the Brooklyn Nets in a trade package. The rising young Western Conference team has five first-round picks they could part with, four of which are unprotected. Although the Nets have made it clear that they want young players to build back, the prospect of those many first-round picks must be somewhat appealing. Memphis still won’t let go of Jaren Jackson Jr. or Desmond Bane, and with good reason. If the Nets can’t reach a deal with another team, then a package centered around those numerous draft picks would be great consolation to trade KD.

Kevin Durant at the Denver Nuggets?

The Denver Nuggets are arguably one piece away from a title. The argument is that many believe they already have it with a healthy Jamal Murray and/or Michael Porter Jr. However, when a superstar like Kevin Durant is in the market and you have a talent like back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic on your team, you have to do your due diligence.

Kevin Durant has proven he can win a championship and be the primary option. The problem, as we all know, is that he was also surrounded by three future Hall of Famers, which we’re not sure the Nuggets possess at this point. Many believe that if a Durant trade to the Nuggets were to happen, it would happen in a three-team deal that would rock the entire NBA landscape. However, it looks like Denver is still willing to take risks with its current core, especially with its second and third stars returning healthy.

KD at the Milwaukee Bucks?

Another dark horse team that has recently been linked to Kevin Durant is the one just a year away from winning the title, the Milwaukee Bucks. Obviously, Milwaukee would have to give up Khris Middleton and/or Jrue Holiday for the Nets superstar. However, the idea of ​​a star duo of KD and Giannis Antetokounmpo should send shivers down the spine of the rest of the league leaders. Per Shams, the Bucks have also reached out to Brooklyn to assess Kevin Durant’s price.

The Bucks are another long shot to land the superstar small forward. However, they have the assets that would satisfy the Nets in a trade. Watch out for the Bucks as the days go by and we continue to monitor KD’s situation.

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