Michigan Lottery Jackpot Game Improves Second Chance Offers

The best-case scenario for every lottery ticket purchase is obviously to hit the biggest prize in the game. That’s far from the most likely scenario, though. For all the failed attempts to land the big wins, there’s a new Michigan Lottery jackpot.

The Michigan Lottery has revamped its Second Chance Draw program with new technology for online sales. The innovations will make it easier for players to participate. As a result, gambling could also be more lucrative.

Michigan Lottery Jackpot for Non-Winning Tickets

instant win game (IWG), which provides instant games to the Michigan Lottery, is behind the new rollout. IWG aptly named the new game Monthly jackpot. It works exactly as the name suggests, although there are more immediate prizes too.

Games start at just $0.50 and go up to $20. Currently, the game is only available for online lottery play. The value of instant prizes for winning tickets depends on the cost of play. The maximum instant prize is $100,000. The overall odds of winning an instant prize are 1 in 4.28.

For those who buy a non-winning ticket, all hope is not lost. Each month, the Michigan Lottery will hold a draw for the game. second chance progressive jackpot. A lucky player will win the entire pot.

According to a Press release, players accumulate entries for the raffle by playing the game. Every $0.50 of play increases the value of that month’s jackpot. Draws will take place on the last days of each calendar month. On the first day of every month, the game resets. The starting jackpot each month is $5,000.

Since Tuesday morning, the value of the progressive jackpot for April was over $240,000. Although the odds of winning this pot may leave a slim chance to individual players, it’s easier than ever to get that chance.

Michigan IWG tech streamlines gaming

This game represents the first combination of two products for IWG. Those are InstantPulse and Instant repeat. Both provide essential functionality for the monthly jackpot.

InstantPulse automatically updates monthly jackpot visuals for players, so they know when the game resets for a new month. InstantReplay is the engine behind IWG’s instant games.

“Monthly Jackpot combines InstantReplay and InstantPulse to deliver a truly new eInstant,” said Rhydian FisherCEO of IWG.

“It’s fantastic to see this game go live with our long-time partner, the Michigan Lottery. We’ve gone to great lengths to deliver a brand new style of eInstant progressive jackpot that fits perfectly with a traditional second chance lottery program.

“And, we expect the frequent updating of game colors, symbols, and themes to set a whole new standard for eInstants in the future. Credit must go to the Michigan Lottery for becoming the first to launch the monthly jackpot, and we are confident that it will lead to superior results.

The beauty of working with IWG for the Michigan Lottery is that IWG handles all administration of the game. The benefit to players is that their Non-Winning Monthly Jackpot the tickets could still earn them a win.

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