Michigan announces top four winners of $ 50,000 COVID-19 vaccine raffle

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday announced the top four winners of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine raffle during a Zoom feed and three of the four winners are from the Detroit area.

Whitmer, Carol Hutchins, UM softball coach, and Kerry Ebersole Sing, director of the Protect Michigan commission, announced the four winners – and three of them were from the greater Detroit area.

The first winner was Amber Berger from New Baltimore. She said she wasn’t even aware of the raffle when she went for the shot on July 1, but was grateful she received it.

The next announced winner was Adrienne Peterson of Southfield. She said she plans to use the earnings to help buy a home.

Christopher Ackerman of Detroit was next. He said he got the vaccine at CVS Detroit because he “was fed up with wearing a mask.”

The fourth winner, selected on July 4, was Larita Lee, a retired GM auto worker who said the draw was the final motivation she needed to get the shot. She also said she regretted waiting and was happy to have it now due to her concerns about the Delta variant.

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So far, more than 1.7 million people have entered the state’s raffle, which includes daily winners of $ 50,000 for the month of July, a prize of $ 1 million for those vaccinated before. July 10 and a $ 2 million prize for everyone who has received at least one vaccine by the end of July.

The state held the first draw for those vaccinated on July 6 and had planned to announce the first winner on Monday. However, this was postponed until Wednesday to give the winners the chance to sign the necessary documents to claim the prize.

The state said it will announce the daily winners on Wednesday, but did not say when the million winners will be announced.

The raffle, which includes the scholarship draw for teens under the age of 18, was created to help Michigan achieve 70% herd immunity against COVID-19. When it was announced on July 1, 61% of all eligible Michigan residents had received at least one dose. According to the state’s vaccine scorecard, the state is now at 62.4%.

What are the odds of winning any of the prizes? They are actually better than you might think.

The announcement was a bit of an about-face from the governor’s office after it said a few weeks ago that the state could not replicate the lottery giveaway that was made in Ohio, citing state gambling laws. However, she said they pursued other avenues through a partnership with Meijer to make this possible.

“If there is one thing all Michigan people can agree on, it’s that whatever Ohio can do Michigan can do it better and bigger,” said Governor Whitmer.

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