Lottery Jackpot Approaches $ 1 Billion | Greene County

Lottery ticket sales continue to skyrocket as the Mega Million game’s jackpot approaches $ 1 billion.

Friday night’s first prize is $ 970 million and is the second biggest in gaming history and the third biggest lottery prize of all time, said Brad Maione, director of communications for the game on Thursday. lottery.

At Sam’s Food Store in Greenport, customers buy 10 tickets, 20 tickets at a time, store owner Ashok Sabherwal said Thursday.

Lottery sales have been much higher since the jackpots went up, Sabherwal said.

Mega Millions jackpot winners have two choices as to how to receive their payouts: they can take the one-off cash option or spread their winnings over 30 years with annual payouts.

The cash option for Friday night’s Mega Millions draw is $ 716 million, Maione said. When playing the lottery, customers can either play their own numbers or choose a Quick Pick, where the computer selects six numbers for you.

Most people who come in choose Quick Pick, said Hennah Patel, an employee at Hudson Quick Stop. The store has seen a sharp increase in the number of lottery players in recent weeks, Patel said.

This is the longest Mega Millions without a jackpot winning. The last time was on September 15, when a winner received $ 120 million in Wisconsin, Maione said.

The $ 970 million jackpot could rise further ahead of Friday night’s draw if ticket sales are strong enough, Maione said.

Lots of new faces are playing the lottery at XtraMart on Route 23B in Catskill, manager Melissa Mataus said Thursday. A lot of players buy tickets because a friend told them to or because the price is so big, Mataus said.

The odds of winning the top prize of the Mega Millions are 1 in 303 million, Maione said.

Powerball, the other big-prize game offered by the New York Lottery, hit a huge jackpot on Wednesday night. A winning ticket was sold in Maryland for the price of $ 730 million. There were also 13 Million Dollar Second Prize winners, none of which was sold in New York City.

The biggest prize awarded in New York on Wednesday night included 13 third prize winners of $ 50,000.

The winning numbers for Wednesday night were: 40-53-60-68-69, and a Powerball of 22, according to the NY Lottery.

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