, WinTogether and Fintech.TV Announce Charity Contest Launch – “Clean Oceans Campaign”

WinTogether, a charity lottery platform powered by, recently announced the launch of its philanthropic campaign, the Clean Oceans campaign, aimed at ridding the oceans of ghost nets and toxic plastics. The WinTogether campaign will benefit the work of Ocean Travel Institute (“OVI”), currently the world’s leading organization in the elimination of plastics in the middle of the ocean. With donations made through the WinTogether campaign, OVI intends to lead one of the largest ocean plastic cleanup efforts of its kind in history.

WinTogether seeks to support organizations making a positive impact on the world, including Dollar Donation Club, the grassroots movement and catalyst for the Clean Oceans Campaign. WinTogether Hopes To Remove Over One Million Pounds Of World Record Ocean Plastic From Famous Great Pacific Garbage Patch Through Partnership With OVI.

The WinTogether Charity Contest will provide weekly prizes to participants, including a cash prize of $ 50,000 to the grand prize winner, sponsored by The campaign will start on Monday June 14 and end on August 31, 2021. Campaign promotions will be led by WinTogether Affiliate Media.

“We could not be happier to announce the launch of the Clean Oceans campaign after World Oceans Day,” said T.ony DiMatteo, CEO and co-founder of WinTogether and “We believe that keeping our oceans clean is of paramount importance, and we have found the best partner for the cause in the Ocean Voyages Institute. Thanks to FINTECH.TV for allowing me to make this announcement in our interview on the NYSE floor.

“It is a real honor for all of us at FINTECH.TV to collaborate with WinTogether and and all of the amazing Clean Oceans campaign partners. The goal is not only to globally raise awareness of the crisis facing our oceans, but to amplify the innovative and powerful solutions that WinTogether is pioneering to help solve. The impact of combining thought leadership, digital transformation and crowd intelligence in global action to regenerate our planet is the hallmark of WinTogether, ”said Vince Molinari, Founder and CEO of Fintech.TV

Tony DiMatteo also announced what is set to be a record-breaking cleanup of plastics in the middle of the oceans this summer with the help of 5th element which has been described by Forbes as “an outstanding global braintrust network”, with the ability to create unprecedented omniwin partnerships that grow your business, attract top talent, and create a positive impact on society and the environment

Mary Crowley, Founder and Executive Director of the Ocean Voyages Institute, stressed the importance of having all hands on the bridge to support OVI’s efforts. “We are grateful to have the support of WinTogether and of like-minded people and organizations around the world who are supporting the urgent needs of ocean cleanup and conservation. “

“The general interest in this important issue, sparked in part by’s release of The beauty and the acclaimed Netflix release of Seaspiracy, makes it the right campaign at the right time, “added Bart Myers, CEO of campaign partner. “We are delighted to mobilize our tens of millions of subscribers to participate in this popular campaign.”

The announcement follows World Oceans Day, a day and a cause aimed at the collaborative conservation of the oceans across the planet. Its global network of youth and organizational leaders work in more than 140 countries to protect and restore the ocean and provide free and actionable resources.

The Clean Oceans campaign follows the success of WinTogether’s first charity raffle in support of the Arbor Day Foundation. WinTogether’s “Time for Trees” campaign has reached millions of people and funded the planting of tens of thousands of trees while awarding a Tesla Cybertruck to a campaign donor as a grand prize.


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About the Ocean Travel Institute

Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1979 by a group of international sailors, educators and conservationists with a mission to teach the arts and maritime sciences and preserve the world’s oceans. OVI is dedicated to providing sailing training opportunities to young people around the world as well as providing access to the ocean world and educational programs.

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About the 5th element

5th Element Group is a global impact accelerator. They partner with corporate brand leaders, impact investors, institutional donors and nonprofit leaders to help deliver KPI-driven results for their client-partners.

About countable

Countable Corp, a start-up company based in San Francisco, Calif., Is the next-generation focused engagement platform with over 120 successful implementations for clients.

About Dollar Donation Club

Dollar Donation Club is a monthly giving club that collects donations of $ 1 from its members, then uses micro-donations to hyper-fund giving solutions to global challenges.

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Sevenly’s cutting-edge products feature cause-related artwork designed to spark conversation. Proceeds from the sale of each product are donated to the nonprofits they highlight.

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