Is the Amazon Prime Day contest legit?

Since Amazon is a “prime” target for scammers, any great offers or campaign correspondence on their behalf are understandably (and wisely) treated with some skepticism. The most recent example is the “Prime Day Small Business Promotion” competition. Let’s see if it’s legit.

Is the Amazon giveaway a scam?

Consumers received an email, with an exciting offer announced inside. The “Prime Day Small Business Promotion” is a lottery-style contest in which users can win Amazon gift cards. If you win one, you will receive the following email.

Sample email

The good news is that this is a real promotion by Amazon, and has been verified by the likes of Snopes. An Amazon spokesperson from the public relations team also confirmed that the emails are legitimate. In addition, many users also reported that they successfully received the gift card amount.

Additionally, we have verified the link in the email: This indeed leads to the following genuine Amazon promotion webpage.

is the Amazon Prime Day contest legit_primedaysweepstakes.com_20220729
Sample Webpage

So, in summary, this is a real Amazon promotion – and a great money-making opportunity. Good shopping!

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