Is it time for Heat to overtake the Kevin Durant draw?

The Miami Herald Heat mailbag is here to answer your questions this offseason.

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Eduardo: If trades for KD and Donovan Mitchell are banned, how about trading a first-round pick and Kyle Lowry for Kyrie Irving and another first-round pick and Duncan Robinson for John Collins to have a starting lineup of Kyrie, Herro, Jimmy, Collins and Bam. It’s enough to win now and without giving up in the future.

Antoine Chang: First and probably most important, I’m not sure that’s enough to get Kyrie Irving or John Collins. Considering the Jazz just got a handful of first-round picks in exchange for center Rudy Gobert, a first-rounder probably won’t be enough to land those deals unless the Heat include another trade chip like Tyler Herro. And it’s hard to imagine Miami offering Herro as part of either of those trades.

Second, this scenario kind of represents giving up on the future because the Heat would be handing out most of their draft capital, which is needed these days to trade for superstars. If Durant is still available in September or October, Miami would be out because he wouldn’t have a draft pick to deal with.

As it stands, the Heat are currently eligible to include just two unprotected first-round picks in a trade offer. But Miami could unlock an unprotected third-round first-round pick to trade if it can negotiate to lift lottery protections on the 2025 first-round selection it owes to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

So handing out a first-round pick for Irving and another first-round pick for Collins would leave the Heat pretty much empty-handed in terms of tradable picks.

The Gist: The Heat is in the trade conversation for Durant and he wants to stay in the conversation when other superstars become available on the trade market. To do that, Miami must hold onto its strengths and maintain its flexibility until the time is right to pounce.

Carlos: I very much hope Riley keeps this group together to play and fight without PJ Tucker but with Omer Yurtseven in the middle. I hope the possibility will come true and we will see Omer and Bam on the floor together. Yurtseven has proven himself in those 12 games. And with Bam in the vanguard position, it could turn into a powerful big combo on the ground. Bam needs to improve his three-point shot but there are others to stretch the ground. I would never give up Herro, a young superstar in the making, for a 34-year-old man [Kevin Durant] who will be long gone when Herro makes noise! I hope the team will stick together.

Anthony: Carlos, you seem to be in the minority. But there’s something to be said for bringing back the bulk of a roster that finished just one win (and one shot) before representing the Eastern Conference in the Finals. the NBA.

As long as the Heat have a core of Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Kyle Lowry, they will be fighting for a top-four seed in the East.

PS I don’t know how many minutes Adebayo and Omer Yurtseven will play together this coming season. They only played 18 minutes together last season. But coach Erik Spoelstra may be forced to play them together more often next season due to the Heat’s lack of functional depth as a power forward after losing PJ Tucker in free agency.

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