Indian wins Rs 13 crore in UAE raffle


Indian wins 7 million dirhams in United Arab Emirates raffle

An Indian hit a jackpot by winning $ 1.9 million in a monthly raffle in the United Arab Emirates, hours before he left the country for good, according to a press report.

Tojo Mathew, 30, working as a civilian supervisor in the capital Abu Dhabi, bought the ticket at the city’s airport before boarding a flight to India.

Mathew, originally from Kerala, was leaving the United Arab Emirates for good to join his wife in Delhi.

“I bought the ticket at Abu Dhabi airport just before boarding the flight to India. I was definitely leaving the United Arab Emirates to join my wife, who found a job in New Delhi. still can’t believe I won, “said Mathew. tell by local media.

Mathew took home the 7 million dirhams ($ 1.9 million) as he left for good, according to the report. Mathew said his big dream was to own a house in Kerala.

“This has been my long time dream. Now it can become a reality with the raffle money,” he said.

Mathew and his friends learned the news on Wednesday when they checked out the Big Ticket website.

Nine others won 100,000 dirhams (US $ 27,000) in the draw. The winners included five Indians, a Pakistani and a Kuwaiti.

Previously, an Indian driver in Dubai won 12 million dirhams in a raffle in Abu Dhabi in April. In January, another Keralite in the United Arab Emirates won 12 million dirhams in the biggest raffle prize ever in Abu Dhabi.

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