Indian lab technician wins MAD 2 million in Mahzooz raffle – News

The man receives the salary in the GCC’s only live weekly draw.

Antony, 39, who is called by his first name and an Indian expat living in neighboring Oman, won an attractive prize of Dh (m) 2million after winning the 18th Mahzooz weekly raffle held on March 27.

The lab tech was the only participant to tie five of six numbers, making him Mahzooz’s fourth millionaire this year.

Anthony, who had never won more than Dh35 in his last raffle draw auction, was lucky enough to be the lady who smiled at him all the way, as her prize money has doubled from Dh1m to Dh2m since. the 17th weekly draw did not have a winner.

The last weekly draw took place on March 20.

Mahzooz rules state that the cash prize will carry over to the following week if there is no winner the previous week.

“It was amazing. When I got the email I just couldn’t believe it,” said Antony. “I never thought I would get that kind of money in my lifetime. “, he added.

Antony, originally from Kochi in central Kerala, southern India, has lived in Oman for 16 years.

Although he has been a regular participant in Mahzooz since its inception, he never won big wins until luck smiled on him on March 27.

“From the first time I read about Mahzooz in the newspaper, I was interested. I got three numbers and won Dh35 a few times, but I never thought something this big would happen so soon, ”said Antony.

Antony believes in the art of giving, despite some financial difficulties due to the raging Covid-19 epidemic.

“I am a good man and I intend to do good with this money, both for my family and for my community,” said Antony. “I have bank loans that I want to close but after that I want to give money to people back home,” he added.

Antony has his job to do in the near future.

“Everyone came to me and asked me questions about Mahzooz, so I helped them register and showed them how to participate. I feel blessed and I am very grateful to Mahzooz, ”he added.

The Dh50million top prize is waiting to be won and will be up for grabs again in the draw on April 3 at 9 p.m. UAE time.

Mahzooz is the only live weekly Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) raffle that offers the chance to win big every week, while giving back to the community.

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