I won a $110,000 lottery jackpot using a common birthday trick

A RETIRED teacher has won a $110,000 jackpot after using a combination of his children’s birthdays as the winning numbers.

Louis Paine Jr, 77, said he was “flabbergasted” to win the prize after buying a Cash 5 draw in North Carolina on February 1.


The retired teacher used his children’s birthdaysCredit: Getty

“Of course I didn’t believe it,” he said the North Carolina Education Lottery.

Louis spent 40 years as an educator and said he enjoys playing the lottery because it raises money for local schools.

“It’s very important to give back to education,” he said.

“It’s the best thing we have in our country.”


Louis said he wanted to invest a portion of his winnings, which totaled $78,122 after required state and federal tax withholdings.

He added that he would share the rest of the money with his family.

It is unknown if he always played using his children’s birthdays or if he always used a different combination.

Louis’ success comes after another North Carolina lottery winner scooped $264,419 after using the same numbers for 16 years.

Lola Allen also won with a $1 Cash 5 ticket.

She told lotto officials there she was “numb” with shock when she found out her numbers had been drawn.


Lola, also a retired teacher, said: “From the beginning, I’ve been using the same numbers.

“Those are my favorite numbers, so I stuck with them.

“When they all fell into place, I was in shock. I was numb.”

Last month, the Sun reported on the army veteran who won $4 million in the lottery after using numbers from a fortune cookie.

Gabriel Fierro, 60, bought the treat while dining with his wife at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fierro received an email that he had won which left him “stunned” and his wife thought it was a scam or an April Fool’s joke.

And a scratch card player from Maryland won the jackpot for the third time in three years and bought all the winning tickets at the same store.

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