I won $25,000 in the lottery after borrowing numbers from my brother

A MAN has won a $25,000 lottery jackpot after borrowing numbers from his brother and using a special trick.

The man bought eight Pick 5 tickets at 50 cents each. Tickets were for the midday and evening draws from March 29 through April 1.


The man played the same four numbers on every ticket

He played his younger brother’s license plate numbers in all eight designs: 2, 6, 6 and 4.

The winning numbers were drawn on March 29.

The unidentified man from Maryland who won the award is called Big Fish.

He was shocked to learn that he had won. The man even contacted the Maryland Lottery to make sure he read his ticket correctly.

Big Fish told the Maryland Lottery that it has no definite plans for its prize money.

He can use it to pay his bills, maintain his car or even share it with his five siblings.

The store where the winning ticket was purchased will also receive a cash prize.

The lottery offers the store a $250 bonus for selling the winning $25,000 ticket.

The news comes as two other lottery players accidentally won jackpots.

LaQuedra Edwards had put $40 into a machine at a grocery store in California when she was hit by “a rude person”.

The bump led her to choose a $30 lottery ticket – something she wouldn’t normally do.

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But the bump paid off when Edwards scratched the ticket and realized she had won the $10 million top prize.

In Missouri, an unidentified man picked the wrong scratch ticket and ended up winning $77,777.

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