How MI Shot To Win Contest Winners Are Chosen

Playing the Michigan Lottery is always fun, all you need is a little cash and a little luck. In Michigan, you don’t need money to win the lottery. just the chance and being vaccinated in our great state to win. There have already been happy winners. It’s pretty cool that Michigan has followed many other states in protecting people from COVID19. Who knows, you might be the next to make the money.

So what would you do if you made $ 2 million? I think the best part would be the freedom you have with all that money and the fact that you could help a lot of people in need. After all, you have to give back when you get this blessing.

This is when the winners will be chosen

Well, get ready because a $ 2 million cash prize is set to be handed out in the Michigan Vaccination raffle according to The winner will be chosen later this month. Cash prizes of $ 50,000 are also up for grabs. more nine fellows will be awarded next Wednesday.

I hope you put your name in because you can’t enter anymore. Over 2 million people entered the MI Shot to Win contest, there were entries from all counties in the state of Michigan.

There were a few different vendor contracts that were operating in this lottery space … creating a randomization of who went into the contest, ”said Kerry Ebersole Singh, director of the Protect Michigan Commission, a commission formed to fight COVID. -19 in our Singh says Meijer is responsible for making the selections with random raffle-style draws, a digital process, and then verifying a winner’s vaccination status.
The accounting firm Ernst & Young participates in the validation process.

Another way to earn a lot of money

Wishing you luck if you participate, if not try your luck at the Michigan Lottery with Mega-Millions and Powerball, the jackpots have reached around $ 200 million.

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