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12/21/2021 at 09:24 CET


The illusion of being one of the lucky ones in the 2021 Christmas lottery kicks off the day before the draw celebration. With more than 2,400 million euros in prizes, the traditional event becomes one of the biggest hopes of many to start the year with the extra money.

In addition to the jackpots, including the coveted Christmas “Gordo” which gives 400,000 euros per tenth, they are distributed in the Christmas lottery. stones, procedures, reimbursements& mldr; In order not to miss the most anticipated draw of the year, we have prepared a complete cover for you in which you will find everything what you need to follow the event.

So that you know the winning numbers before everyone else, we will make a direct in which we will tell you all the prices that come out and we will update the list of winners in real time. We will also have a rewards card where you can consult all the sites of the Spanish geography in which a rain of millions fell.

To find out if you are one of the lucky ones you can use our Christmas 2021 Lottery Checker. No query limit, just enter your tenth number and the amount you are playing and you will instantly know if you are a winner and how much you are winning.

Anecdotes, pictures & mldr; the best of the lottery

During the draw you can enjoy the best images, both winners and participants of the event at the Teatro Real. Plus we’ll tell you the stories behind the girls and boys of San Ildefonso singing the main raffle prizes.

The 2021 Christmas Lottery Prizes

This 2021, a total of 2,408 million euros in Christmas lottery prizes are at stake. It is estimated that of the 172 million tenths issued (172 series of 100,000 tickets, each divided into 10 tenths), more than 26 million tenths are awarded. The winners of ‘El Gordo’ de Navidad would earn 400,000 euros per ticket, or approximately 20,000 euros per euro played. Of course, not counting the taxes, which in the case of the first prize are taxed at 20% of 360,000 euros.

the the second prize is 1,250,000 euros for the series (125,000 per tenth or 6,250 per euro played), and the third, 500,000 euros (50,000 per tenth or 2,500 per euro played).

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