Group of Indian expats wins draw for Rs 30.5 crore: The Tribune India

Dubai, July 4

A group of 20, mostly Indian, won 1.5 crore dirhams (Rs 30.5 crore) in a monthly raffle, media reported on Saturday.

The winners of the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw include 19 Indians and one Bangladeshi, the Khaleej Times reported.

One of the winners, Noufel Mayan Kalathil, 45, said: “I have been working in Dubai since 2005. I have been buying Big Ticket for two years. Usually two or three colleagues buy the ticket together, but this time we had a total of 20 people including me. Each person has pooled 50 dirhams for the two tickets. There was therefore no financial burden for anyone.

All Indian winners are from Kerala.

While Kalathil is a salaried executive in an office at Jumeirah Lakes Towers here, the rest of the group have low-paying jobs.

He said the lottery prize brought new life to his friends. “They are not winning much. In a difficult situation (coronavirus epidemic) most of them were on their way back to Kerala but for this unexpected lottery. For me I will be able to clear my debt and save for the education of my two son, ”the Kannur native said in the Khaleej Times report.

Two other Indians also landed the Big Ticket competition jackpot, albeit a smaller amount.

Sanjiva Thevaindra and Abdul Sathar Kadapuram from India, Mubashar Azmatullah from Pakistan and Jhoan Navarro from the Philippines took second place in the draw, each winning 1,000,000 dirhams (Rs 20.3 lakh) each, Gulf News reported in a report. PTI

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