Four-time winner scoops £5,000 lottery jackpot from Southern Area Hospice – Armagh I

For the first time since 2017, the South sector hospice the maximum rollover prize has been won.

Ms F. Egan, from Belfast, won the jackpot in the December draw – and it’s not her first!

Mrs. Egan has been playing the Hospice lottery since 2002 and has been the lucky winner four times over the years!

When asked why she plays the Southern Area Hospice Lotto, Ms Egan said: ‘I play the Hospice Lotto to support their valuable services. This is my fourth win so I encourage everyone to join, it only costs £1 a week, it’s less than a cup of tea in a restaurant but for such a small donation from each individual, this is a lot of much needed money for the southern region hospice.

The Southern Area Hospice Lottery is one of their main fundraising activities, with the draw taking place every Friday and costing just £1 per week or £4.34 per month to play. The Hospice lotto guarantees 3 winners each week; 1st prize £300 – 2nd prize £200 – 3rd prize £100; Plus, a rollover prize of up to £5,000.

All prizes are automatically mailed directly to the winners, so there’s no need to claim your prize…it couldn’t be easier! Becoming a member and supporting your local Hospice through the raffle means you are truly playing today to make a difference tomorrow.

If you want to become a regular supporter of Southern Area Hospice for just £1 a week and have a chance to win, just like Mrs Egan, sign up online today at or call 028 3026 7711

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