Ekojara online raffle platform unveiled in Lagos

Ekojara Game, an online consumer sales promotion platform owned by Koborise App Technologies Ltd was launched. To play the game, the potential player will need to download the app from iTunes Store iOS and the Android version of Ekojara.com.

Speaking at the media launch on Monday, October 1, 2018, Ekojara Co-Founder / CEO Mr. Hillary Nwaukor, an auctioneer, revealed that gambling is the company’s way to add value to millions of Nigerians.

According to Nwaukor, Ekojara is a unique platform that gives users the opportunity to earn high value items and money with a minimum risk of 0.20% of the published value; it is a predetermined amount of money that the user pays for each ticket they buy. In addition, the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) has approved the operations of Koborise App Technologies Ltd., to launch the Ekojara gaming business.

Co-founder of Ekojara, Olayemi Agbe-Davies; Developer, Winner Bolorunduro; co-founders of Ekojara, Hillary Nwaukor and Solution Architect, Kesiena Akpobome, at the media launch of Ekojara on Monday October 1, 2018 in Lagos

“For example, if we publish a cash game of 10,000 N, each user who wants to bid to win the prize will have to play with 0.20% of 10,000 N, which is equivalent to 20 Naira by chance,” he said. he declares.

“After downloading the app, the user must register and then top up their wallet with a minimum of 500 naira before trying their luck to play the advertised games,” he explained.

Additionally, Ekojara co-founder Olayemi Agbe-Davies explained in more detail the categories of games as ranging from home electronics, smartphones, charging cards, data plans, automobiles and cash.

“You might notice that we have real estate and automotive listed as one of the categories. Yes, we are a forward-thinking organization and believe that very soon “players” will be able to earn houses as rewards, just like cars “.

“Players enter their dream numbers and submit between 01 and 99 in 5 unique boxes provided for a given dream submission category. Each set of lucky numbers submitted generates a unique ticket entry. The numbers played can be generated by players or by the system depending on the option desired by the player.

“When the auction time elapses on a game, a draw will be made by the randomization system and one ticket among the entry lots will be the winner for the advertised item. The draft system is transparent and devoid of any human manipulation. The system is designed to anchor probity and accountability, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, Mr Nwaukor said the company is also well positioned to outsource the app to fast moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs) in Nigeria and online brand influencers – for a bonanza. general, freebies and promotions generated by our innovative lottery app.

“Our trademarks and our unique game app are fully copyrighted and registered with the Register of Trademarks, Patents and Designs, Department of Commercial Law, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and investment, Abuja, “he said.

Speaking at the event, LSLB Managing Director / Managing Director Mr. Seun Anibaba confirmed that Koborise has been granted permission to start online gaming.

Mr Anibaba was represented at the media launch by Chief Legal Officer (Board Secretary / Legal Advisor) Ms Adebanke Ogunode said the Board maintains strict processes before such platforms are launched. approved to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

“LSLB requires its licensees to meet high operational standards for the benefit of stakeholders. Before Ekojoara was approved, it was subjected to various tests.

“LSLB sets itself apart by adopting an inclusive approach to stakeholders in the performance of its regulatory functions. We promote an enabling operating environment for licensees and game integrity for gamers. Thus, Koborise App Technologies Ltd is now authorized to carry out online lottery games, ”said the Managing Director / CEO.

The highlight of the event was a live demo where Ajise Samuel, from Lagos, emerged victorious by 20,000 N for October 1, 2018; he played with N40.

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