Cundinamarca and Tolima lottery, draw for TODAY, Monday February 21: results and winning numbers

As at the start of each week, the draw for the Cundinamarca and Tolima Lotteriestwo of gambling the most important of Colombia. For this reason, in this note we will tell you what the results are and what is the list of winners for this Monday, February 21. Here are the details.

On the one hand, the Cundinamarca Lottery awards a jackpot of more than 3 billion Colombian pesos. On the other hand, the Tolima Lottery It is responsible for delivering more than 5,400 million Colombian pesos in prizes.

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To participate in the first of them, You only have to invest 10 thousand pesos, the same price that has varied over the years. That yes, it rewards two fractions: the series and the greater combined; In addition, other surprises have been made since 1894.

It is important to keep in mind that both draws take place on Mondays starting at 10:30 p.m. (Bogotá and Lima time). Therefore, the Cundinamarca Lottery has the popular mottomondays get rich”, because the amount of money he awards as prizes can change anyone’s life.

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As long as the Tolima Lottery, this one is not far behind and, in addition to prize money, two renovations of 15 million Colombian pesos each, every week. Computers and other household items are also available for this important game of chance.


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