Couple wins raffle for second time in 2 years

Anyone who has dreamed of getting their hands on a lottery jackpot might want to take a deep breath when you hear about how lucky this British couple is.

David and Kathleen Long just won the £ 1million ($ 1.48 million) prize in the EuroMillions jackpot. But this is not the luck of the beginners – this is their second victory – in two years. To win the £ 1million lottery a second time, the couple managed to beat the odds by over 283 billion to one.

Credit: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited and The National Lottery

On Friday March 27, David and Kathleen took their chances and entered the EuroMillions Mega Friday Draw which offered 10 prizes of £ 1million plus a “Dream Car”.

The couple had the opportunity to choose the car of their dreams, a very difficult choice between a Range Rover Autobiography or a Jaguar F-Type.

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David Long said he always knew he would win at least once, but what about a second time?

Mr. Long said in a statement, “I always told everyone I would do it again. I just knew it would be my turn again someday. Now it is and we just can’t. not believe it. “

On July 26, 2013, David Long and Kathleen Mackenzie received their first sum of just over £ 1million. Shortly after their victory, they decided to get married, after 12 years of engagement.

But it could have turned out so differently. Long, now a former heavy truck driver, almost threw away his winning 2013 ticket, believing he had won £ 2.70 instead of £ 1,000,002.70.

So what will they spend their last jackpot on? Along with a big party with close friends, David Long said that while not “a big travel fan” he hopes to take Kathleen on a lavish honeymoon.

“Kath and I had a fantastic wedding last year, but we’ve never had a honeymoon because I’m just not keen on flying. Kath would like me to book one. Mediterranean cruise and I think I just ran out of excuses! ” David said in a statement.

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The UK National Lottery offers a number of jackpot games, including the National Lotto Jackpot and EuroMillions, which take place twice a week in a number of European countries.

The National Lottery creates more than six million UK winners every week, and 3,700 people have become millionaires or, better yet, multimillionaires since its inception in 1994, according to its official website.

On top of that, the state-owned lottery generates £ 33million per week for National Lottery funded projects, which help fund community projects in the UK.

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