Charlotte’s social media star wins lottery jackpot

Hadleigh Painter, a 21-year-old student, actress, model and social media star from Charlotte, just added another reference to her name: the lottery jackpot winner.

Painter won $ 25,000 a year for life in the Lucky for Life March 26 drawing, officials of the North Carolina Education Lottery said this week. She broke odds of 1 in 1.8 million.

Painter forgot that she put in the $ 2 to play the game online, and her mom thought she made it all up, Painter told the Charlotte Observer on Thursday.

“Honestly, I forgot I even played him,” said the East Carolina University senior. “But I woke up to check my messages like I always do and saw the email saying I won. I couldn’t believe it.

She ran away from her room and told her mother.

“I was feeling so many emotions that I could barely take,” she said. “I couldn’t barely speak, and she thought something was wrong and got worried. But I said it was good news. Really good news.

When her mother, Pam, told her she was playing a joke on him, Painter retrieved the email she received from the lottery, as well as the lottery website.

“I started to thank God and I told him right away that it was his money and the first thing I wanted to do was give back to Elevation Church,” Painter said.

“The only thing I buy for myself is a new PC for school and Twitch, which my friend Chris Tyson from the MrBeast YouTube channel is helping me build,” said Painter.

“On top of that, and the tithe at Elevation Church, everything else goes into a trust,” she said.

She always said she would win the lottery

Painter told The Observer that although she doesn’t play the lottery often, “I always said I would win the lottery. And anyone who knows me can attest to that.

The day after her victory, she said to her younger sister, Nicole, something like “when I win the lottery”.

Nicole “rolled her eyes and said, ‘Hadleigh, get real you know you’re never gonna win,'” said Painter.

The painter said she laughed. She had only told her mother then.

His winning ticket

Painter purchased the ticket using Online Play on the lottery website,

While guaranteed $ 25,000 per year for life, winners can take a lump sum instead. Painter chose the lump sum of $ 390,000. After taxes, she won $ 275,926, lottery officials said in a press release.

Players have 10 ways to win a prize in Lucky for Life designs on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Painter won second prize, according to the lottery. The first prize is $ 1,000 per day for life.

Through online play, players can purchase tickets for Carolina Cash 5, Lucky For Life, Mega Millions and Powerball raffle games.

Charlotte is at home

Painter was born in Anderson, SC, and has lived in Charlotte since the age of 5.

She graduated from Ardrey Kell after attending part of Marvin Ridge College and said she always considered Charlotte her home.

Painter, whose parents are divorced, lives with his mother and sister. His father, Derek, and his family also live in the area. Her kitten, Yuki, and her mother’s dog, Chloe, are also part of the family.

At ECU, she doubles a major in Religious and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Communication. She is a member of the Religious Studies Clubs and AMEXICAN, the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the Sigma Delta Pi Honor Society.

As a career, she is interested in the fields of transhumanism and human enhancement technologies.

painter hadleigh _equipped (1) .jpeg
Painter Hadleigh

How she became a social media star

Last August, before the start of her senior year at ECU, Painter jokingly asked on Twitter if anyone knew how she could win the lottery, “so I don’t have to go back.”

Painter, who has a huge 138,000 Twitter followers, included the crying laughing emoji with her message.

“It’s an incredible blessing that this has actually happened,” she said.

The same could be said of his status on social networks.

With the help of her mother, she said, she established herself on Twitter early on.

She also credits being named one of the 3 finalists in a global modeling competition. She’s been working for Carolina Talent, a local modeling and talent agency, since the age of 10.

In 2014, she appeared on the cover of the British magazine “Endeavor”, one of the various magazines in which she appeared. “Endeavor” also showcased its anti-bullying and other efforts.

And joining the National Jam Tour for social media stars like Sam & Colby and emerging musicians like Jonah Marais – “Why don’t we” – “helped me get known and connect”, a- she declared.

Joining the MrBeast craze has only increased their social media count.

“It helps when you’re in YouTube videos with over 50 million views,” she said of MrBeast. In one video, she takes a cake to a prison.

MrBeast 54M view_fitted.jpeg
Screenshot of the MrBeast video

“Above all,” she said, “it helps to post regularly and engage with your followers. “

MrBeast 24M view_fitted.jpeg
Screenshot of the MrBeast video

As to whether she will attempt the lottery again:

She has always loved playing Mega Millions, PowerBall and Lucky for Life, and sometimes scratching, she said.

On Friday, she “definitely plays Mega Millions” again.

Lucky for life.jpg
A Charlotte woman paid $ 2 for a lottery ticket and won $ 25,000 a year for life, North Carolina lottery officials said. NC Education Lottery

This story was originally published May 15, 2020 6:00 a.m.

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