Big Ticket winner: raffle of Dh 15 million

The winner of 15 million dirhams announced
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Abu Dhabi: Indian man won Big Ticket raffle here with ticket number 223805.

Indian national Vilas Rikkala, from the city of Hyderabad, bought his ticket on July 29.

Rikkala won the draw for the Fantastic 15 Million series 206, drawn on August 3, 2019 in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

For the winner, it was the surprise of a lifetime when he received a call from the host of the draw, which was held in the arrivals hall of Abu Dhabi Airport.

The winners are now drawn 0121

The winners are being drawn – the winner of the MAD 15 million Big Ticket will be announced in a few minutes.
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“You are our biggest winner … Congratulations. We just changed your life,” said Richard, host of the Grand Ticket draw.

“I am very happy sir,” Rikkala said on the phone after being called by the host.

July winner Indian Sopna Nair, who won just 12 million dirhams on July 3, contributed to the draw on Saturday August 3.

Here are the other winners.

Big Ticket winners on August 3 -ndndfds

Big Ticket winners in the August 3 draw
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Big draw

Crowds at the Big Ticket raffle on Saturday night at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
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