A delicate buy-in for the John Collins competition

The Miami Heat are at the point of their year where everything is about improving. Improving internally is always essential, looking for players to continue developing, adding new things or refining things that weren’t as sharp the year before with their free time, there are always those external methods to also improve.

The NBA draft, free agency, and of course the coveted trade are also ways to improve your team. Two of these improvement segments are the main topics of conversation here.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The ring, the Atlanta Hawks are looking to revive their off-season improvements in the commercial market. The kicker is this though.

They are seeking significant NBA draft compensation in exchange for their offers.

The Miami Heat are certainly looking to improve in any way they can. Could the John Collins contest prize be too high for them to enter?

League sources say the Hawks are looking to add a lottery pick by either trading John Collins directly or including that pick as well. One of the teams they have had discussions with is Portland. If Atlanta stays put, Eason makes sense because of his multi-position defense, size and play.

A few facts of merit to begin this discussion are appropriate. John Collins is entering the second year of a five-year deal for $125 million.

After having had the opportunity not to be in the Collins Company before that previous season, the Hawks must not have wanted to let such talent walk without getting something in return. But, what price to pay to go about it this way.

As for the Miami Heat, they have the 27th pick in this upcoming draft, surely not the “lottery pick” Atlanta is looking for. However, you talk about the negotiators Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.

There’s a chance he could return a current Miami Heat talent with draft compensation for Collins directly. While not the most likely option, there could be a scenario where Miami Heat talent and draft compensation are traded for said lottery pick, to be passed on to Atlanta for Collins’ services.

It might sound a little weird, but the option might be there with the wit and couth of Riley and company in these situations. Whether you actually want to sue Collins is one thing, but there may be a path to hitting the cost of doing business, perhaps.

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