£ 10,000 raffle winner celebrates end of 2021 | News

The annual winner of the £ 10,000 lottery draw says she still can’t believe she’s won the jackpot.

Seven-year lottery member Paula Henman said: “It’s not quite integrated yet, I didn’t think I was going to win, I just thought I was going to be there to make up the numbers.

“When my ball was closest and my name was called, I was really overwhelmed.”

When asked how she was going to spend the £ 10,000, Paula said: “A subscription first, because for the rest we’ve spent and re-spent it, so we don’t have everything yet. definitely decided. “

The lottery supports the Doncaster Rovers academy and community activities within the Doncaster Rugby League Club and the Doncaster Club Foundation and Paula sees this as a major incentive for her fellow supporters to join. the lottery.

She added, “It was great to see the kids from the academy involved that day and I know the money goes to the academy and community work, and even though I didn’t win anything I did. know it goes to a good cause. . “

If you want to join Paula and hundreds of your fellow supporters and have a chance to win the annual £ 10,000 raffle, you can enter for just £ 2 per week.

To register, please contact the ticket office at [email protected], or call them directly on 01302 762576 (option 1) for details.

You can choose to pay £ 26 per term, £ 52 per semester, or £ 104 for the full year. If you would like to make the card lottery payment a recurring payment, we can securely store your card details in your account and take payment automatically when due. This can also be set up online by yourself by storing your card details during payment and selecting recurring card payment on the memberships page.

Alternatively, you can pay by direct debit with the first payment made on the 1st of each month with an additional option of monthly payments available through this method.

For more information on lottery registration – Click here for our handy guide

You can also download the Club Doncaster lottery form by clicking here.

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